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A woman of power

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Posted: 8/1/2022
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A woman of power

"No" Haoer The old witch climbed to Han Junhao's side with difficulty and the thin fingers and palms stroked his chest A cold light appeared on her hand Han Junhao's handsome man who had lost his blood was slowly recovering He opened his eyes slightly but the old witch closed her eyes with a happy smile Girl come and see Zixian He's dying Merciful hasty call woke up the dull Ling Lan back to Liu Yiyi see her bleeding chest Ling Lan can not help but sob "according to" Yi don't be afraid Arashi I will save you Don't be afraid "Lan I don't" Afraid you're not Say I'm destined To cross Twice I It's Cantilever Storage rack not Go to hell I'm not Not afraid Now she has become extremely strong and calm Ling Lan only felt that the eyes that had not been wet for a long time were slowly filled with water vapor a little bit in the condensation and finally the line of sight was blurred Yiyi don't Speak listen to me Say definitely Listen carefully when you get there you must Found one named Tianxuanzi's people no matter How you all To cling to him he The person who can bring you happiness your second time Crossing for That's him Do you hear me Tears ran down her cheeks and poured into her mouth drop by drop Liu Yiyi nodded "Lan you also want" Happiness "with the last smile slowly closed her eyes to the happiness that really belongs to her across time and space" Mother "Han Junhao called softly" why do you bother You saved my life Without spiritual support you will be destroyed The old witch could not speak and looked at Han Junhao reluctantly in her eyes Finally her body turned into black clothes and was blown away by the wind Holding the gradually cold body of Murong Zixian Ling Lan's heart was suddenly love and hate in the merciless entanglement tearing gnawing helpless roar to the sky the sound is so sad Lan'er What a familiar call Ling Lan's confused eyes looked at him low but sharp "I don't want to see you again you go" "Laner" Call her voice again doubly sad Fuck off Ling Lan shouted at him hoarsely After a long time a touch of lonely figure hobbling disappeared in the public's line of sight The third volume wins the Central Plains the power falls all over the world Chapter 112 Finale "Actually that" Can't blame the third brother Narrow aisle rack "Mercy said timidly observing the look of the disciple" he was It's been punctured yes I went over there and helped him out and he just "Master you've been telling me this for a year I know but I'm so tired now that I don't want to hear anything" Ling Lan softly interrupted the merciful words with a bit of fatigue in her voice With that she leaned back on the imperial concubine chair and took a nap restoring her hair like ink and pouring it on her side She was lazy and light Her snowy skin and beautiful appearance were no longer cold and cold Her two curved eyebrows like crescent moon seemed to be frowning instead of frowning Her eyes like a pool of clear water were enveloped by the light sadness They were affectionate and weeping instead of weeping Her dimples were light and sad as quiet as the beautiful flowers shining on the water It adds a bit of unworldly spirit All the people around her were sighing silently for her but no one could open her heart knot It seemed that only the person who tied the bell had to untie it Yan Mie Jue Sha and Xiao Yaotian quietly accompanied her watching her fall asleep and still look sad all very distressed Your grandfather's "a loud voice broke the low and depressing atmosphere the beauty's eyelashes trembled slightly Xiao Yaotian leaped in the air picked up the little person who disturbed people's dreams and prepared to give a spanking" But the low cry of the warbler stopped him "God let him come" Sen hurriedly broke away from the devil's claws and rushed to Ling Lan He was nearly fifteen years old and became more delicate and moving He was a little beauty but his rude movements and manners were quite different from his beautiful face which often made people laugh and cry Sen put aside his voice and cried "Lan you have been training for a year and it's time to go to court I'm really dying I'm really not the material to be an emperor"

” Cuff a wipe tears "now those old guys to die to force me to marry a man your grandfather I marry a bunch of men back to the spirit of Tanbi" Your grandfather will ask me to attack Hui or Dasheng while the two countries are at war One side is Situ Yucheng the other side is Han Junhao I don't know what to do Suddenly got up a generous look "Lan I want to strike I decided to abdicate the throne to you if you do not accept I will go to find Yiyi" Since that night Han Junhao returned to Dasheng to register as emperor and it was said among the people that the dragon-shaped decoration of Brahma Emperor pipe cantilever rack appeared on his forehead which would unify the Central Plains once again However Szeto Yucheng launched a war against Dasheng on the grounds that he abandoned Szeto Yu and tore up the covenant between the two countries The war lasted for almost a year but the two countries were still deadlocked The war consumed a lot of manpower and material resources and also made the people of the two countries complain incessantly Therefore those ambitious elements in Dan's country began to encourage Sen to take advantage of the situation and reap the benefits Mention Yiyi Ling Lan smoke eyebrow micro lock eyes emerge a touch of self-reproach half hold up the charming body gentle like a waterway "I'm sorry Sen you have worked hard you should not have to bear these Lan but also your freedom I took the throne" Did not expect Ling Lan promised so simply thought of a lot of reasons and words all stem in the stomach harm him half a day do not know what to say "Why are you reluctant to give up again" Sen hurriedly replied "No I thought you wouldn't agree I thought a lot of words and they all stuck in my stomach" Scratch your head "in fact I have issued an edict of abdication today waiting for you to ascend the throne" "Learn to act first and report later" Ling Lan's claim to the throne was not plain sailing but the power she had cultivated in the court over the years could not be overlooked Although there were obstructions it was like a mantis arm when a car After Ling Lan announced to the world is about to ascend the throne the day of registration is her wedding day

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